We're not going to be difficult about it: the fact that an innovative player like Telenet calls ideal systems to have a brand-new, innovative customer service devised and developed is hugely flattering to us. But what does a massive company like Telenet see in a bunch of technicians in Vilvoorde? We asked Fabienne Bogaers of Telenet.


How did Telenet get in touch with ideal systems ?

We had already worked together, although in an entirely different context. I remembered them as a small, flexible, but highly professional and talented team

who knew a lot about integration.


And you chose ideal systems for this particular job because…?

I already knew the team and they already knew us. We were convinced that they could build the cloud-driven solutions that we wanted. What’s more, ideal systems treats data and voice as one within the contact center context. That is a view that suits our need for a visionary solution.


Were the expectations met ?

Yes. Due to its flexibility, ideal systems was able to create a solution to suit Telenet and not the other way around (which, trust me, is still often the case). The application’s architecture is made to measure.


What makes this application so special, in your opinion ?

Its cross-channel dynamism is so simple and easy to use. The synergy between the application and the contact center agent means a real improvement in customer



Would you recommend ideal systems ?

I already do! The fact that they are so flexible and talented meant we could have an informal working relationship based on trust and shared vision rather than on business protocols. With other companies that sort of relationship could end in utter chaos, here it was a driving force to go that extra mile. Everything was open for improvement; everybody could speak his mind and suggest ideas. It really felt like a joint project. It still does actually.



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