PRIO - New mobile creation from ideal systems

Customers who are positive about your company and after-sales service. Are they important to you? Yes? In that case you have to try our brand new application, PRIO: customer contact has never been so direct, accessible and simple. For your employees too. You can easily personalise this mobile application for your own business or organisation.


PRIO, the new tool for companies that consider happy customers important

The latest mobile creation from ideal systems brings you a radical innovation in the field of customer service channels: PRIO, a tool you can personalise, allowing customers to reach you even more easily.

If your customers have a question or problem, they can simply scroll through your list of contactable employees in the app and contact them directly. If the preferred person is not available, customers can use the app to leave a message. Your employee can also see who the customer is trying to reach and why straight away.


PRIO, priority for high-quality customer contact

Through PRIO, the customer can see at a single glance which employee they should phone for a specific question. This means they no longer have to be received by an impersonal selection menu. Straight to the right person, at the right time.

If the employee is not available at that time, the customer will see this immediately in the application. They can leave a message or ask to be phoned back, all without exiting the application.

For companies, the application offers the advantage that they can see straight away who needs them and why. In short, with PRIO, everyone saves time!

Finally, the PRIO application offers companies extra possibilities:

  • offer your customer direct and interesting promotions by segment
  • conduct a short survey
  • allow customers to chat with your employees
  • send customers push messages and urgent info or temporary promotions

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