Being open to innovation is one thing. Transforming these crazy ideas into useful applications is something else. For the latter, we at ideal systems have the critical eye of Dirk Slootmakers, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of ideal systems.


Dirk, what do you take into account when developing an app?

Dirk Slootmakers: "User experience. The app should combine state-of-the-art technology with a simple and intuitive navigation. An app may be able to do all kinds of things, but if the user can't access these quickly, it has no value."


How do you know you are making an app that will be successful?

Dirk: "This is very difficult to predict for applications that are aimed at the general public. It depends on so many factors. What I do know: as soon as the app improves communication between the consumer and organisation, the consumer will be more likely to use the app.


Ideal systems is extremely versatile. But what is its speciality in your opinion?

Dirk: "From our platform we succeed in developing high-performance, dynamic and state-of-the-art applications in the cloud. More traditional app developers still stick to a rigorous pattern, while for us the app truly is cross platform."


Which apps do you use a lot yourself?

Dirk: "Because I'm often on my bike, I use the Buienradar weather app a lot. And to stay up to date on financial news, I regularly open De Tijd's news app."


Premiere : PRIO - New mobile creation from ideal systems 

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