Increase agent efficiency

Drastically simplify your agents’ work

  • Rely on Europe’s Number 1 web-toolbar: Genesys Web Toolbar
  • Handle all interactions in one single interface
  • Enjoy straightforward integration to all kind of back-end systems


With ideal system as your agent desktop-partner, you have all the advantages of Europe’s Number 1 web-toolbar at your disposal, the Genesys Web Toolbar (GWT).

GWT is a multichannel agent desktop solution, allowing your agents to receive and handle a variety of multimedia interactions in one single interface: voice inbound and outbound, email, faxes, workflow items, voice and web call-back, chat, open media (SMS, Business Tasks), Expert Agent functionality, …

In the back

From web-based to mainframe applications, we created and developed GWT with straightforward integration to all types of back-end systems.

All interactions and attached call interaction data are passed to the back-end solution, so customers can define the business processes they want, without being dependent of the GWT provider.

Putting up a front

GWT is easily adaptable to your company’s look & feel. We can also expand the toolbar with extra functionalities and integrate it into any of your front-end applications as an overlay or portal towards any business application on your agent’s desktop.

Added, the integrated supervisor functionality provides coaching and communication facilities to manage your contact centre resources in a consistent way.

The result is a simplified virtual working environment for your agents and an increased overall efficiency.

Sounds ideal for your agents and contact centre?

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