Is your omni-channel strategy really covering all your channels?


Recent years omni-channel has been a hot trend and topic in customer contact discussions. Many companies have struggled to implement and integrate different channels to support their customer’s journey. Often these omni-channel integrations have been centralized around the contact center and/or marketing department (still often the central department for social media interaction handling). But how good can your omni-channel strategy be if it is being contained by the boundaries of your customer contact departments?

True omni-channel also means that you incorporate those departments and resources in your company that are best placed to help your customer or to pro-actively engage to deliver an intentional and exceptional experience. Therefore, at ideal systems, we have developed a holistic approach on the technology that can support customer interactions for any resource at any moment.

At the center is our Office Server, the beating heart of our different solutions, which serves as a centralized interaction and session platform in front of your Genesys solution (supporting PureEngage and soon PureCloud). The Office Server is acting as a proxy server and maintains all the connections to your Genesys environment, exposing only the interface for our different desktop solutions. This makes it an extremely scalable and secure layer, which is important when integrating branches and home workers in your customer contact strategy.

Different desktop solutions connect to the Office Server to support your company resources:

  • Mobile Office for Genesys is an advanced mobile agent desktop solution on smartphone and tablet, fully integrated with and extending the reach of your Genesys solution to all your knowledge workers and company’s branches. Field engineers, account managers, store managers, branch officers, back-office personnel, part-time or remote agents, or even team leaders, anyone can now handle customer interactions, in the most innovative, intuitive and efficient way, anywhere and anytime, without losing the ability to manage and monitor the interaction.
  • With Branch Office for Genesys you can seamlessly unify all your branch, 2nd line and back-office or home workers with the rest of the Contact Centre. It allows you to make optimal use of your staff and their different skill sets, enhance collaboration and increase and measure productivity and customer service. It enables your Contact Centre to run as efficiently and productively as possible. As it runs in a browser, it is seamless to set up and easy to use for workers outside of the contact center.
  • Web Office for Genesys is our flagship product that is being used by a growing number of companies to streamline and manage their Contact Centre operations. Web Office is a fully web-based omnichannel Agent Desktop solution that seamlessly integrates with your Genesys solution and provides you access to any of your customer’s preferred channel to communicate with your organization. It’s easy to setup, flexible to integrate and customize, and scalable to any number of agents in your Contact Centre.

On top of this rich set of desktop products, our Office Server also allows direct connections from within desktop applications, such as, or to link Unified Communication platforms, such as Cisco Jabber and Skype for Business, to your Genesys, without installing any client software.

Contact us if you want to know more about our true multi-channel solutions for Genesys at or +32 475 59 03 37.

Article written by Peter Depoorter (CEO at ideal systems)

Is your omni-channel strategy really covering all your channels?
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