Use the Full Potential of Your Organization

Increase Efficiency

Beyond the formal Contact Centre there are many employees who must collaborate on customer issues or take full advantage of opportunities as they arise. They are often uniquely qualified to address a customer situation in real-time. Businesses are more and more seeing the benefits of such collaboration.

With Branch Office for Genesys you can seamlessly unify all your branch, 2nd line and back-office officers with the rest of the Contact Centre. It allows you to make optimal use of your staff and their different skill sets, enhance collaboration and increase and measure productivity and customer service. It enables your Contact Centre to run as efficiently and productively as possible.

Branch Office for Genesys provides optimal and smooth collaboration between your Contact Centre agents, branch officers and back-office. You can link Branch Office with other Unified Communications applications such as Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and Exchange.

The web-based agent desktop is a lightweight thin client solution, with a minimized intuitive interface, specifically designed to the needs of your branch and back-office workers and seamlessly working with all available Genesys Engage communication channels.

Built on a high performance 3-tier and network efficient pushing architecture. Eliminating difficult and expensive software distributions and client-side installations through its unique zero footprint approach. Easy manageable through its centralized framework.


All our Office products (Branch Office - Mobile Office - Web Office) share the same centralized server platform. An open and scalable framework designed to efficiently and securely orchestrate all user and system events between Agent Desktops, Genesys and other integrated systems. Through this unique architecture it is even possible to switch from Mobile Office towards Branch Office during live interactions, offering your agents total agility and freedom.

We have put a lot of effort in creating lightweight clients. All our products eliminate high IT costs to deploy, maintain and adapt, especially in complex organizations. The system allows for centralized management of all updates. As new features, functions and integrations are added to the system, all users, no matter where they are located, have access to the latest version.

True Collaboration

Contact Centre agents and branch or back-office workers have different jobs to do, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. They work in two different environments. This isn’t ideal, because when an issue does arise that requires interdepartmental collaboration, you don’t have the structure or relationships in place to easily resolve the issue and move ahead.

With Branch Office for Genesys in place, Contact Centre agents can properly share and exchange information with different teams, over different locations to pursue immediate customer resolution. Through its strong integration features, out-of-the-box connectors to many Contact Management and Unified Communication systems, Branch Office for Genesys drives your organization to start working in sync, instead of different teams with independent goals.

Branch Office for Genesys

Seamlessly integrated with Genesys Engage

Lightweight thin client solution

Omnichannel interaction blending

Connect with Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and Exchange

Built for integration and customization

High performance 3-tier architecture

Running on Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome

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