Everybody Joins the Conversation

Customer Journey

Today’s customers have high expectations when it comes to talking to their service providers. With instant ordering and near immediate delivery of goods and services, the demand for faster responses and skilled information has grown and is now wide-spread over different media channels. Contact Centers have been in the heart of this high demanding delivery process, and technology has helped streamlining and improving the customer’s journey within and throughout organizations.

With Mobile Office for Genesys, we provide you the ability to extend the customer journey and communication to virtually anyone in your organization by mobilizing the same tools agents use in your Contact Centre onto a mobile device.

Customer knowledge and intimacy are key to relationship building and loyalty. Improve your service quality by making sure that your customer gets the right attention by connecting him to the best possible person in your company. Based on the customer identification you can now immediately send the interaction to a specific person using Mobile Office for Genesys.

Mobile Office for Genesys is open in use, easy to install and maintain, and provides a solid option to guarantee service continuity during disaster recoveries. It allows your company to reduce call-backs and unnecessary transfers, and to further improve wait times, call abandons and team morale, without increasing personnel costs.

Improve agent productivity and job satisfaction by offloading specific interactions from your Contact Centre and by integrating other resources in your interaction routing. Anyone in your organization can now blend valuable interactions with their own activities using the customer’s preferred channel all from a mobile device.

Agent Diversity

Customers demand excellent services. The agent’s expertise and empowerment is undoubtedly key to providing an impeccable customer experience. It makes perfect sense to address specific service requests or sales opportunities or questions from high-value customers, to the best placed person within your organization. With Mobile Office for Genesys you now provide your employees the means to easily blend-in these valuable calls, web chats, campaigns, or even work items, with the rest of their activities.

Who are these mobile agents? Field engineers, account managers, store managers, branch officers, back-office personnel, part-time or remote agents, or even team leaders, anyone can now handle customer interactions, in the most innovative, intuitive and efficient way, anywhere and anytime, without losing the ability to manage and monitor the interaction.

Mobile Office for Genesys is an advanced mobile agent solution on smartphone and tablet, fully integrated with and extending the reach of Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage and PureConnect to all your knowledge workers and company’s branches.

Business Expectations

Whereas today, companies lose sight of a lot of customer interactions happening outside the Contact Centre, you can now manage and monitor each of these interactions for a complete and comprehensive follow-up and reporting on the customer's journey. Instead of being untraceable, all these interactions now become manageable and visible within the standard Contact Centre processes.

Easy integration and customisation
Mobile Office for Genesys comes with a flexible Customisation Centre and Integration Layer to re-brand and integrate your app with your most important back-end and front-end systems.

Improve service continuity
Disaster recovery processes can be enhanced and supported by giving your regular Contact Centre agents Mobile Office for Genesys. Simply log in to the app on your smartphone and you can handle interactions as if you would be at your desk in the Contact Centre. No need to set up redundant and expensive infrastructure.

Mobile Office for Genesys

Seamlessly integrated with Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage and PureConnect

Blended multi-channel customer engagement

Easily manage worktime and availability

Support for WebRTC or regular PSTN termination

Built for integration and customization, integrate any CRM or legacy system

Scalable architecture using secure HTTPS/OAuth2 connections

Open and intuitive in use, easy to install and maintain

Running on smartphone and tablet for iOS and Android

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