Modernize Your Mobile Case Management

Accelerate Collaboration

With OfficeConnect for Eccentex DCM you can extend your Dynamic Case Management beyond the borders of your internal organization to mobile case workers and other agencies or offices. Combining Eccentex DCM with the extensive routing capabilities of Genesys and the tailored Mobile Office solution you can steer, manage and follow-up your cases and work-items with the rest of your company's interactions, regardless of your location. Our solution offers you the best of worlds with tightly integrated and industry proven applications.

It bridges the paper and digital worlds, automates workflows, and extends them inside and outside the network. Case managers have access to a better, timely, and complete chain of evidence, thereby multiplying individual performance as well as staff productivity. Automating processes also improves collaboration, lowers operational costs, and frees staff to manage more complex or higher value tasks.

Mobile Case Management

OfficeConnect for Eccentex DCM helps you engage your mobile workforce to improve efficiency and quality, reduce costs, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

It delivers significant benefits in following areas:

Improve Employee Productivity
The current workforce must be able to do more, and do it better. Mobile employees need to be able to operate at a high level and with greater accuracy. They require the right tool to surface the right content and actions in order to make the right decisions, wherever they are. Our solution give mobile workers the control and insight they need to work faster and more effectively.

Automate & Streamline Business Processes
Many business processes are largely labor-intensive, grossly inefficient, and need to be vastly improved to reduce downtime and improve overall quality. Our automated processes and streamlined operations facilitate vastly improved quality of work, reduced operating costs, and faster more timely response to customer demands. Business processes that span multiple departments and owners can be easily tracked and verified.

Better Manage Information
Our solution improves the ability to consolidate, distribute and track high volumes of critical information, including that which resides in legacy systems. This is a challenge in itself, but the information still needs to be extended out to the mobile workers so they can access and use it to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

OfficeConnect for Eccentex DCM

Fully integrated with Eccentex DCM and Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage and PureConnect

Real-time routing and access to Exccentex DCM case data and documents

Provides a 360 degree view of cases and work-items

Capable of multi-channel interaction blending

Secure HTTPS/OAuth2 connection and scalable architecture

Open and easy in use, easy to install and maintain

Running on smartphone and tablet for iOS and Android

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