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Mobile SalesForce Agents

Using OfficeConnect for SalesForce with the Mobile Office soft-phone solution, enables your mobile staff to intuitively handle customer interactions from anywhere at any time, instantly providing vital and accurate caller data, without extra navigation or data entry.

Mobile agents can immediately access the latest information on recent caller interactions and their resolution, create and update Salesforce service requests, and automatically link Genesys interaction data. OfficeConnect for SalesForce consistently ties Salesforce CRM data with your Genesys interaction data, along with associated records and call duration, providing rich and accurate service and customer reporting.

Through OfficeConnect for SalesForce agents can focus on the customer instead of the technology. The solution uses a unique server-side integration compatible with both Salesforce Classic and Lightning, eliminating cumbersome and expensive software distributions and client-side installations.

Tying Call & CRM Data

When customers call, your mobile agents need to retrieve the right information quickly. If agents have to search or navigate between separate applications customer interactions will take longer, the cost per call interaction increases and customer satisfaction plummets.

OfficeConnect for SalesForce provides seamless telephony integration between your Salesforce and Genesys contact centre platform. The Office-server acts as an intermediary between Genesys, Salesforce, and our advanced soft-phone solutions, providing your agents a true 360 degree view of the customer - linking call and caller data.

Armed with this information, agents can personalize their interaction with the customer, respond more precisely to customer inquiries and can resolve customer issues on a single call. With responsive and knowledgeable service representatives, your organization will stand out from the crowd and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Key Features

Seamlessly integrated with Genesys PureEngage and PureCloud

Support for SalesForce Classic and Lightning

Blended multi-channel customer engagement

Easily manage worktime and availability

360° view of the customer

Personalized statistics

Open and scalable server based architecture

Secured communications

Open and easy in use, easy to install and maintain

Running on smartphone and tablet for iOS and Android

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Salesforce Lightning

OfficeConnect for SalesForce seamlessly integrates Branch Office for Genesys with Salesforce Lightning CRM. Providing Voice as well as Open-media channels, features such as Click-to-dial, Screen Pop, and detailed Customer Interaction Reporting, helps your agents to focus on providing superior customer experience.

The distinct and intuitive user interface is integrated directly into Salesforce Lightning, which means fewer clicks for agents, and a single, consolidated repository of customer information for more efficient management.

Screen Pop
Using caller ID or any customer-entered information (through IVR), OfficeConnect for SalesForce pops customer data on your contact center agents’ screens before customer interactions are picked up. Screen pop saves time by automatically providing 360° caller information and context, allowing agents to provide a personalized customer experience.

For fast and easy calling, OfficeConnect for SalesForce enables your agents to click on any phone field in your CRM to dial out with a handset or soft-phone. Phone numbers are accepted in multiple formats and are reformatted before dialing.

Enhanced Management Reporting
OfficeConnect for SalesForce allows you to tie and store accurate and consistent Salesforce and Genesys data. It enables enhanced management reporting on call data and performance metrics in your CRM dashboard, which you can use to make smart decisions about the administration of your contact center.

Key Features

Compliant with Salesforce’s Open CTI and Lightning platforms

Support for Genesys Voice and Open-media channels

Intuitive and light soft-phone design

Flexible Click-to-dial and Screen Pop capabilities

Single sign-on feature

Built for integration and customization

Fully web-based and zero footprint for easy setup and configuration

High performance 3-tier architecture

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