Unchain your customer service


The contact center is often the boundary and limitation to your customer service. While resources physically and/or emotionally close to your customer  can also treat (high value) customer interactions. Recent studies have shown that the lack of customer intimacy is often resulting in poor CX levels. On top of that, a lot of companies have also invested in self service tools driving customer intimacy to even lower levels. Routing high value interactions to specific resources, ‘close’ to the customer, can have a tremendous effect.

Typically, you will find these resources in branches, shops or even in the field. The best placed resources in your company to create customer intimacy and great CX, are account managers, branch employees, doctors or experts. However, you will not find these people chained behind their desks in front of their CX platform.

Thanks to Genesys and Mobile Office, they no longer have to be at their desk. Mobile Office puts the same tools, agents use in your contact center, onto the mobile devices in your company. As a result, mobile and nomadic resources can handle customer interactions while Genesys is monitoring/controlling the interaction until completion.

Learn more about how Mobile Office and Genesys can unchain your CS? Contact us at peter.depoorter@idealsystems.be or +32 475 59 03 37.

Unchain your customer service
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