With OfficeConnect for Teams, all enterprises who use Genesys for their Customer Interactions and at the same time rely on Microsoft Teams for their Corporate Communications, can now easily blend both using the same Unified Communications platform. It seemlessly connects both worlds by merging flexible customer engagement and collaboration features in an easy and convenient way, without the need of a separate Agent Desktop application.

The benefit is manifold, complementing and combining Teams messaging and collaboration features with the intuitive interaction handling and extensive routing functions of Genesys, all from your preferred Unified Communication platform.

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Web Office X (WOX) is the first Omnichannel Agent Desktop solution available for all Genesys platforms: Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage as well as PureConnect. With its clean widget-driven and intuitive web-based interface we offer agents easy control and full flexibility over their interactions.

It offers the same secure connect-from-anywhere principle as Mobile Office, and even supports a hot switch function between both applications allowing agents to switch between devices while ongoing interactions are taking place. How cool is that!?

WOX can be used as stand-alone desktop or can be seamlessly integrated with your legacy or CRM systems. WOX requires zero install and is the perfect unified solution for your Contact Centers, Branch Offices, Back-offices, 3rd Party CCs, Home or Expert Workers, …

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COVID-19 has a major impact on our world, our society, and how we work and run our businesses. Sadly many companies in our line of business are currently struggling to maintain business continuity. We, at Ideal Systems, recognize that amidst this growing global health crisis, we can do more — and we want our customers and partners to know we’re here to support them. As such we have decided to immediately join the Genesys Rapid Response program and extend our Mobile Office for Genesys Cloud Free Trial from 30 days to 90 days to help companies in urgent need. Using Mobile Office many companies can benefit from our technology to rapidly enable a remote workforce and to maintain their contact centre services by delivering customer interactions to the mobile devices of their agents. It offers the same omnichannel experience as a regular agent desktop, and because our Office Server is hosted in the cloud there is no impact on infrastructure. You literally only need a mobile device and you’re set to go. Mobile Office is available on iOS and Android and supports both smartphones and tablets. Check out the Genesys AppFoundry and reach out today to get started. Our team is here to answer your questions.

It comes as no surprise that customers are more demanding than ever and expect frontline agents to have comprehensive answers to all their questions. With business success increasingly determined by the quality of customers’ experience, an effective contact centre model can maximize your company’s revenue by shortening caller wait time, boosting customer satisfaction, and improving client retention

Branch networks can play a critical role in this. These advisors have specific knowledge and competences, and are the key in building trust and credibility, providing pinpointed advice, offering convenience, and easing the customer’s transition to cost effective digital channels.

However providing a consistent customer experience across far-flung branch networks can be quite challenging. Getting the operating model within the branch right is one thing, making sure your contact centre infrastructure and software are aligned is another thing.

With Web Office and Mobile Office for Genesys your branch staffers can seamlessly integrate with the rest of the contact centre and manage customer interactions for which they are uniquely qualified. Advisors have the flexibility and freedom to connect from any location and from any device, whether it’s PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, with easy access to all your existing CRM and back-end systems. For nomadic users there is even a hot switch function between both Web Office and Mobile Office allowing them to switch between devices while ongoing interactions are taking place.

Web Office and Mobile Office are omnichannel solutions and are available for all Genesys platforms: Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage as well as PureConnect. Contact us know to learn more about our Mobile Office and Web Office solution.

Your contact centre and customer services are undeniably an important part of your business. But would your contact centre be able to continue to operate in the event of a critical disaster, or a health alert, or other unforeseen calamities… Or would it be forced to stop its activity? To what extent would something like this affect your business? How would it redefine the rules of interacting with your company? Many questions come to mind during unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances. If you are an employer should you not begin thinking about how to reorganize your contact centre and agent workforce?

Many of the day-to-day activities of workers could be transferred to a remote environment. However for your contact centre and its agents this is a different story. The mindset is that contact centres are bounded to your company’s infrastructure and proprietary software. However with Mobile Office and Web Office for Genesys we provide you the technology to easily and safely extend your contact centre services to any remote environment. More and more companies around the world are taking advantage of our technologies. Not only to address unforeseen circumstances, but also to streamline their operations, provide improved customer service, decrease contact centre costs, and increase agent retention and job satisfaction. Being able to create a workplace that welcomes and encourages working from home, remotely, flexibly, is certainly the way regular daily life will become more and more.

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Also this year ideal systems is attending Xperience 2020, the biggest Genesys customer experience event of the year. Don’t miss your chance to meet the movers and shakers of the Customer Experience community all under one roof!

We’ll be showing off our Agent Desktop portfolio and shed some light on enhancements, evolving trends and upcoming innovations.
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Xperience 2020. Denver, CO | May 18-21

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with one of France’s well renowned banks, Crédit Agricole. They have decided to renew their contact centre software to Web Office for Genesys.

Web office for Genesys, a web based Agent Desktop that is fully customizable, built for easy integration and ensures deployment without any local installation. Moreover, Web Office contains Integrated Screen Management (i-view), merging CRM and other applications in TAB’s.

Congrats to the Web Office team!