Manage Multi-channel Interactions in a Single and Intuitive Web-based Interface

Engaging Customers

Web Office X (WOX) is the first omnichannel Agent Desktop solution available for all Genesys platforms: Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage as well as PureConnect. With its clean and intuitive widget-driven interface it offers you easy control and full flexibility over your customer’s interactions.

WOX can be used as stand-alone desktop or can be seamlessly integrated with your legacy or CRM systems. It is web-based, connects from anywhere, requires zero install effort and is the perfect Unified Solution for your Contact Centres, Branch Offices, Back Offices, 3rd Party CCs and Home or Expert Workers.

Seamlessly integrate and connect Contact Centre agents, Branch Networks, Advisors and all other Staffers by leveraging the same Genesys solution. It is an Omnichannel solution capable of handling and blending all available Genesys interaction channels.

Written from an integration and customization perspective. Containing an advanced Universal Connector and onboard Customisation Centre to integrate all your back-end and front-end applications, change look & feel or even add custom functionality.

Built on a high performance and secure 3-tier architecture. It offers easy connectivity and eliminates difficult and expensive software distributions and client-side installations through its unique zero footprint approach. Easy manageable through its centralized framework.

Omnichannel Blending

Web Office for Genesys is an Omnichannel desktop. It allows you to engage with customers across every channel and intuitively display the status, history, and context of each inbound and outbound interaction.

Web Office lets you seamlessly blend different types of customer interactions - take calls, run campaigns, reply to emails and SMS messages, engage in web chats, handle social media interactions, or even manage work-items - all from one single intuitive Agent Desktop: Web Office for Genesys.

Power Of Technology

Web Office runs directly in a Chromium based browser, or as a Progressive Web App (PWA). This technology enables fast, native-app-like experiences with all the advantages of a traditional web-based application. The user experience is immersive and the application loads instantly even when having poor network conditions. You can install Web Office on your home screen just as you do with native applications.

Web Office for Genesys uses Web Notifications to alert new incoming interactions, even when the application is running in the background. Clicking the notification opens Web Office and enables you to take immediate control of the interaction. Using Web Notifications you have a simple and effective way to engage with customers while working with other applications.

Connect From Anywhere

Web Office offers the same Connect-From-Anywhere principle as our Mobile Office solution, allowing your Contact Centre agents, Branch Networks, Advisors and all other Staffers to safely and easily access your Genesys Engagement hub no matter where they are located. WOX requires zero install effort and is without doubt the perfect Unified Solution for your Contact Centres, Branch Offices, Back-offices, 3rd Party CCs, Home or Expert Workers, …

Both Web Office and Mobile Office support a unique hot switch function that allows you to seamlessly switch between devices while ongoing interactions are taking place, giving you the ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Empowering Agents

Web Office for Genesys empowers you to deliver great Customer Service experiences. With intuitive widgets and built-in features such as agent statistics and insights, integrated phonebooks and contact history, call-back and campaign scheduler, ... you can easily engage with customers in more meaningful ways. Your staffers retention, engagement, and satisfaction rates will rise — and with them, so will customer loyalty and satisfaction. Everbody wins with Web Office for Genesys.

Powerful Architecture

Web Office utilizes a robust 3-tier architecture. Our Offices Server keeps track of all ongoing interactions and serves as single point of entry for all Agent Desktop communication. Its secure, scalable and high-performance framework allows true server-side integrations with any CRM and back-end systems, and supports on-premise and cloud installations.

WOX supports both SIP and WebRTC technology to terminate audio calls. WebRTC technology allows you to deliver voice streams to agents without the need of any additional components, such as SIP phones or physical devices.

Web Office for Genesys

Unified solution for Contact Centres, Branch Offices, 3rd Party CCs and other Back-offices

Support for Genesys Engage, Genesys Cloud and PureEngage

Intuitive omnichannel interaction blending for all Genesys channels

Progressive Web App with zero footprint for easy setup and access

Widget driven interface with smart agent-web-notifications and on-board statistics

High performance 3-tier architecture built for integration and customization

Scalable architecture with secure HTTPS/OAuth2 connections

Runs on Chromium based browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome